Five Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding in the Northwest

We get it, the word is out that the NW is a beautiful spot to get married and has amazing seasons but have you considered planning a winter wedding? While we have lots of ideas, here are our five best tips for planning a winter wedding in the Northwest.


Photo: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography


Secure a dream venue ASAP. It’s no secret that winters in the NW can be a little grey (read “glum”) so…. when hunting for venues, we suggest looking for natural light in large windows or wide open spaces. Our favorites are:  Coopers HallUnion/PineCastawayYale UnionMaysara Winery,  and  Timberline Lodge.  You’ll be competing against corporate companies for prime venues so start your search early just as you’d do if planning a summer wedding.


Photo: Jamie Jones Photography


Book a photographer that has a great indoor venue portfolio. Most photographers are skilled enough to work successfully during both seasons but some photographers thrive off of natural light and shooting outdoors (not optimal during the winter months, but still doable). Be sure to do your homework here so you’re not disappointed after the fact. We suggest that you capture some of your engagement photos indoors so you can “test” them out beforehand.


Photo: Kate Osborne Photography


COLOR! Bring in some color. Deep and rich hues, please! Yes, greenery and wood tones are beautiful, but during the summer months, when shooting outdoors, other beautiful colors will naturally pop up in your photos… winter can be dark and grey so try to bring in some variety for depth and extra texture. You’ll be glad you did!


Photo: Gabriela Ines Photography


Dress to impress! When shopping for your dress or bridal party attire, think of the venue and the season; you’ll select different dresses or suits than you would for a summer wedding. We love wool suits for men with various pieces mixed together for a very curated style. You might even think about a  cape,  shawl, or  cool leather jacket  to go over your dress.


Photos: Miesch Photography // Jennifer Fujikawa Photography


Photos: Jamie Jones Photography


PLAN FOR THE WEATHER!! This is an important one. It could be snowing, flooding, or a sheet of ice. Do you continue on? Plan accordingly for inclement weather. If it’s chillier than normal, consider wearing layers under your dress; provide extra cozy blankets for the lounges; or add a warm drink to your cocktail menu. Finally, plan ahead with your photographer to make sure that your timeline accounts for an early sunset (or no sunset), and indoor photos. If you can chance heading outdoors for some photos, be sure to have the proper gear: clear umbrellas, cute rain/snow boots, and proper attire.


Photos: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography / Sweetlife Photography

Photo: Amanda K Photography


Hire a wedding planner so you can avoid any and all chaos that might ensue when planning a winter wedding. We’ll handle any weather changes and make sure that you’ve crossed off every item on your to-do list. Don’t stress, it’s worth it.


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